Monday, October 21, 2013

Celebrating Victories & Why this Blog Exists

First I want to share about how this blog came to be. The phrase “Victory Over Food” came up in a Weight Watcher’s meeting quite some time ago. Then last May I brought it up in a meeting commenting on how much I liked that phrase. It was that day that I secured the domain (still having technical difficulties in getting the blog on the domain, so for now it’s on blogspot.) It took me clear until this month to finally start the blog!

I initially was going to do tweets with what I like to call “VOF moments” but then I decided a full blog would be the better way to go. Now let me explain what I’m calling a VOF moment. Because losing weight is a choice that involves all the little and not so little choices we make every day, I wanted to focus on celebrating all the good choices made regarding food and post them for our own benefit and the benefit of others. Here’s a couple of them from my own personal VOF Journal:
Wednesday: Needed to get lunch during day of errands. Really considered getting a cheese quesadilla from Del Taco, but instead decided to go to Jamba Juice for one of their wrap sandwiches. To my disappointment, I discovered they discontinued them! Instead of giving in to something less healthy and higher calorie, I went a couple doors down to Subway for a veggie sandwich, but when I saw they served breakfast all day, I opted for the small egg white melt which is even less calories, filling and super cheap! This was a victory over food!

Friday: Went to Whole Foods Market: really wanted a slice of their pizza. Thought about making it “healthier” by having a pizza slice along with a salad from the salad bar. Ultimately decided NOT to have the pizza at all and instead make myself a large, healthy salad for lunch.  I didn’t have the pizza, even though I really wanted it. I made a better choice. Victory!
So, you see what I am talking about. Feel free to share your own VOF moments here. (I’ve been told some people can’t comment. I’m hoping I’ve had this issue fixed, but if not I’ll keep working on it! You should be able to comment either with a Google or other ID or even without any by just typing a name or clicking Anonymous from the drop down menu. I do have it set for moderation, so comments have to get approved first before they show up.)

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